I am Cody, a Reiki Grand Master and Sound Healing practitioner.  When I am not practicing Reiki, making crystal grids or essential oil blends, or preparing for a sound bath session, I might be singing Jazz standards at senior living facilities, weddings/events, or Jazz venues; baking breads and pastries; or teaching Spanish4Travel or QiGong at a local Rec center.

I am a mother of three bright shining stars and very honored by this. I am on the Autism spectrum, and identify as BIPOC. One aspect of my purpose on planet Earth is to help raise the collective vibration through Energetic healing and compassion.



                                                     My Practitioner Credentials from 2014 to Present:



Reiki Grand Master

Money Reiki Grand Master

Lightarian Reiki Master

Master Numerologist

Chakra Healing Practitioner

Advanced Crystal Healer

Animal Reiki Practitioner


Shamballa Reiki Practitioner

Self Love Reiki Practitioner

Sound Healing Adv. Practitioner

Reiki Space Clearing Practitioner

THeta (TM) Healing- Adv. Practitioner

Professional Aromatherapist

Quantum Healing Practitioner

Angel Reiki Practitioner

Meditation Guide

EFT/TFT Practitioner

Manifesting Coach

Life Purpose Coach

Happiness Life Coach

Geri-Flex (TM) Instructor

QiGong Basic Instructor

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